Safety, Health and Environment

Botswana Ash (Pty) Ltd (Botash), situated at Sua Pan, endeavours to produce soda ash and salt in a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly manner. In order to achieve this goal Botash will:

  • Endeavour to ensure that all risks regarding illness, injury and environmental degradation such as, dust, fire, and chemical spills that could affect this goal are identified and removed where possible, or reduced if not possible to remove and then controlled
  • Plan and commit to continually improve in terms of occupational health, safety and environmental management and performance to such an extent that incidents are minimised, ensuring that both employees and members of the public are unlikely to be placed in unnecessary and unacceptable risk situations
  • Occupational health, safety and environmental objectives will be established at all relevant sections and levels within Botash and progress monitored on a regular basis
  • Develop and implement a system to ensure that a high level of legal compliance with applicable occupational health, safety and environmental legislation and other requirements, namely the Mines, Quarries, Works and Machinery Act, EIA Act, Waste Management Act, Atmospheric Pollution (Prevention) Act, Water Act, Mines and Minerals Act and as best practice the Occupational Health and Safety Act, is achieved. Other requirements will include company procedures and agreements with external parties
  • Ensure that all occupational health, safety and environmental policies, procedures and standards are reviewed on a continuous basis and implemented to ensure their effectiveness in achieving the continuous management and improvement of occupational health, safety and the environment.